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India's largest Activation Agency

Creative Agency

" We are an Integrated Creative Agency, partnering alongside brands to develop and create effective marketing campaigns that expand beyond traditional tactics and focus on consumer engagement and brand strategy.
Our Philosophy
” To make an impact by working ‘alongside’ clients rather than ‘for’ them”
Creative Concept
We create is a long-term relationship with our clients, who like us, have an incredible story to tell. That’s why we talk straight, work hard, laugh a lot, and are damn good at what we do.

About Us

"Redknot was born in 2012 when two professionals decided to quit their high paying stable jobs, to chase their dreams. Having experienced the industry, it was apparent to the team that things needed a refresh and they were ready for it. With a hunger for success, the thirst to prove there are no limits and courage in heart to go the extra mile, Redknot was formed.

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